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"Artist" or not, EVERYONE is a Designer in life. Look at everything around us...homes, books, vehicles,  computers, clothes, hairstyles, planets, paintings...you name it, it was designed. The fact that God - the Creator of Creativity - Breathes in you right now is the sign that there is wealth in you to be excavated, cultivated into form, and realized in this time. Designers are standing by to dig and build with you. 



Basic Academic/Specialized Intervention, Life Skills, & Vocational/Business Education

 FolaSun serves with a network of licensed/certified professionals as well as everyday people of varied communities. You are invited into a life-altering and encouraging journey that is personalized, holistic, and relevant. FolaSun actively demonstrates "village modeling", as we do believe that it truly "takes a village" for all individuals and communities to thrive. 



You have something to say. You have something to do. You are a someone to BE...even more than you are. It is crucial to INTRINSICALLY and EXTRINSICALLY dis-cover your WHY in order to keep putting one foot in front of the other. Your STEPS matter to someone you may never meet. FolaSun's network of speakers and coaches are ready to help your light to turn ALL THE WAY ON and STAY LIT! 



Rest includes spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical. It includes doing nothing and doing something that delights you. Whether it's going to a movie, learning how to eat better, going on a retreat, or being quiet at a prayer meeting with cares melting away in peaceful musical atmosphere... Let us help you rest.



YOU are invited to become a part of FolaSun's Village Network and and partner with shining ones like you in generationally multiplying value and quality of life across lands and seas, starting right in our communities! We do so through Financial and Real Estate Investment, Multi-Entrepreneurship, Cross-Pollination Promotion, Generational & Cultural Engagement, and Benevolent Service. You are blessed to bless and ever-increase in blessing...and the cycle and exchange continues...

Service Pricing

Creative Cultivation Workshops

Creative Cultivation

Delving into the visual and performing arts is a great way to expand the designer's mind (that means yours) and also enter into a communal and demonstrative conversation with the Master Designer (that means God) and others like you who are ready for such a unique adventure. In Creative Cultivation Workshops you'll explore visual art, dance, creative writing, spoken word (your voice!), and even improvisational acting - which is so much fun!  And if you're interested, you'll even have the opportunity to showcase and profit from your work!

Workshops available for adults, children, and families! $10-35 per session (some supplies included). Do inquire!